Creating Style with Porcelain Night Lights – Luminary Charm

Porcelain nights lights evoke luminary charm, sophistication and a graceful beauty. For romantic bedrooms, guest suites, and even nurseries new porcelain night lights are beautiful and creative ways to enhance your nighttime oasis.

Lighting is always a way to bring a certain mood of coziness and or sophistication to your space, even in the night. From soft whimsical pieces, Asian inspired pieces, pretty tabletop choices to more grand artistic elements, porcelain night lights are the way to go when adding charm to your space.

The Purity of Classic White Porcelain Night Lights

Porcelain Night Light

This porcelain night light seems to be almost like frozen lace. Imagine the simplicity of the classic porcelain night light in the traditional white, something that has come to be loved and treasured, and coveted. Now think of this decorative classic with a twist, and this is precisely what one finds with this porcelain piece so gorgeously embellished with snowy designs in exquisite detail evoking historic relief sculpture.

Porcelain Night Lights – Inventive Decorative Style 

Porcelain Night Lights

This remarkable Asian inspired dome porcelain night light shows abstracted scallops representing a patterned vignette of water in the purest of whites, accented by gold Koi fish dancing among these imaginary waves.


Perfect for your contemporary Asian-modern space, or even for an eclectic decorating theme, this is a sculptural masterpiece that expertly mixes traditional decorative motifs with classic artisanal craftsmanship with international inspiration.

Dome Style Porcelain Night Lights

Porcelain Night Lights

Darkness is artfully enhanced. More delightful Koi decorations for the nature lover. These evocative forms of night lights use illumination to create a soft yet intriguing view of light and pattern in this Koi Dome Table Lamp. Be entranced by the reflection of light and shadow and pattern with this lovely light.

Lithophane Porcelain Night Lights

Porcelain Night Lights

More global inspiration in easily found in the lovely botanical arabesque decorations and calligraphy-like patterns on this delightful porcelain night light, echoing the traditions from allover the world. These illuminated decorative pieces come in a variety of style, patterns reflecting the visual culture of many places allover the globe.

Tabletop Porcelain Night Lights

Porcelain Night Lights

The perfection of the natural world – reimagined in the stunning sculptural Lotus Firefly Golden Fall Table Lamp.

Create a sense of modern yet elegant style with this tabletop porcelain night light with its elegant retro colours and curvilinear shape. Perfect for the modern bedroom or guest suite, this inventive lamp complements so many styles including contemporary, modern and even an updated version of the Memphis Style. Try it too with your Hollywood Regency decor as well, the brown, cream, pink and gold are luxurious opulence.

Whatever sophisticated choice you make, this treasury of lovely ambient lighting shows the vast array of decorative, design inspired porcelain table lamps one can choose to add that special touch to one’s bedrooms. 

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