Southern Charm: Low Country House Style

Low Country homes – also known as Tidewater houses – were originally modest single room cottages occupied by English settlers in the coastal parts of the Carolinas and Virginia. From these humble beginnings the Low Country house style spread down the southern coast of the United States through Georgia, Mississippi and into Alabama.

Often raised up on piers or piling to avoid flooding from the tides – hence their alternative name – Low Country homes are designed for comfortable living in hot, humid conditions. Now, the Low Country house style is synonymous with classic southern charm. Here, be inspired by this classic style and find out how to bring a touch of southern hospitality to your home.

Low Country House Style: The Iconic Stoop

low country house style

The hallmark of traditional Low Country house style is the iconic porch or stoop. A design feature intended to shade the interior from the midday heat, the porch is traditionally framed by ornate carved white pillars. Furthermore, the classic southern stoop is often complimented by large windows to capture the cool breeze and frame the coastal views.


Comfortable, welcoming and warm, the classic Low Country house style porch will feature traditional garden furnishings in either carved wood or wicker. In addition, to truly capture quintessential southern style, position an antique rocking chair next to a coffee table. Any of these options will look charming painted white to match the exterior paint work, creating the perfect spot to take in afternoon tea or a nightcap.

Southern Belles: Elegant Drawing Rooms

low country house style

Despite their humble single-room beginnings, Low Country house style has come a long way since the colonial period. Now, a typical Low Country home will have at least two floors, several bedrooms, and spacious living spaces. Rustic yet elegant, Low Country house style incorporates relaxed coastal living with classic all-American charm.

For instance, when dressing a living room in the Low Country style, choose clean, fresh whites, blues and creams. Furniture should be plush, inviting and homely. For instance, try a large, deep couch in a soft grey scattered with traditional brocade cushions, arranged facing a broad open hearth.

A central component of Low Country house charm is a lived-in, homely feel. Therefore, the living room should be adorned with precious ornaments, filled with emotional resonance. For instance, several pieces from Lladró’s High Porcelain collection crystallize the romanticism of the Low Country style, like this delightful Tea in the Garden scene.

Warmth and Hospitality: Country Kitchens

Southern hospitality is all about entertaining and welcoming guests into the heart of the home. Therefore, the Low Country style is perfect inspiration for a family kitchen. Like the living room, the palette for the Low Country kitchen should take its cues from the bright, light colors of the home’s façade, incorporating cream or white cabinets with salty blue or forest green accents.

Once again, although Low Country house style is typically rustic, the kitchen interior should also be sophisticated and thoroughly elegant. For example, try hanging a chandelier over a kitchen island or dinner table, to introduce a touch of glamour to a pastoral kitchen interior. Once again, Lladró have created a contemporary classic, rendered in fine white porcelain – this Ivy and Seed chandelier is a perfectly balanced blend of bucolic and elegant.