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lladro vase

The Lladró vase: an exceptional gift

The handmade porcelain Lladró vases tell inspiring stories of history and romance, nature and fantasy making them a distinctive addition to any home. The ability of the sculptors to depict emotions in the eyes of the people on the vases is truly astonishing. The unparalleled level of detail and creativity exhibited on each vase is […]

lladro horses

Lladró horses: The extraordinary symbolism

The high porcelain sculptures of Lladró horses capture the pride and loyalty represented by these creatures meticulously. Horses have been a central symbol of wealth and power across many civilisations. Although most have been domesticated globally, they remain symbolic of freedom and sophistication. Being dressed and kept immaculately by the nobility throughout history, they couldn’t […]

porcelain lamps

Why porcelain lamps are the ideal luxury gift

Choosing a hand sculpted porcelain lamp that provides tender luminance as the quintessential gift will undoubtedly place a footprint in the hearts of your loved ones, as well as their homes. Selecting the right gift for your friends and family can be an enriching experience; interpreting their personal style while enhancing the luxurious feeling of […]