Ralph Lauren Houses: The Art of Decor

For the past five decades, Ralph Lauren has become synonymous with chic, style, elegance and selling not only products, but a complete lifestyle. His innovative fashion ideas and pioneering collections have ensured that the brand has reached epic heights, many have tried to emulate, but relatively few have attained. Since the debut of the Ralph Lauren Home collection in 1983, a profuse anthology of forward thinking designs, has secured Lauren’s status as a home style guru. A success attributable, to the remarkable combination in his home collections, of design concepts which harmonize, emphasize and create a visual appeal. Ralph Lauren houses are a dissonance of colours, patterns and moods, which inspire and educate.


Ralph Lauren houses and redefinition of balance

Asymmetry of objects within a particular area creates motion and energy in that space. The Ralph Lauren Home 2017 Modern Icon Collection, showcased sumptuous line detailed leather sofas, complemented with, fur throws and fabric cushions.


The fabric cubist single chairs, seated on c-shaped arms provided a delightful mix of futuristic and classic
Combine cowhide, patterned leather and metallic shade cushions for a captivating mix of fabrics and a dynamic look to your interior.
An eclectic mix of seating arrangements will also add a dynamic look to your interior. Large sofas, facing oversized poufs or high backed chairs create a guaranteed talking point in your home.

Ralph Lauren house decor: Mood and Harmony

Ralph Lauren houses have epitomised the use of tones, shapes, patterns and accessories, to achieve a quintessential blend of functionality and luxury. The right colours patterns and angles can ensure that the perfect ambience is created in a living area. Earthy tones add a rich warmth to a room. Wall coverings, ornaments and fabrics in chocolate, amber or burnt orange all combine effectively well to create a rich, vibrant feel.
The adjustment of angles within a room, can also alter its atmosphere. To add a lively feel, straight lined furniture can be used to compliment the lines of walls and floors. Farmhouse dining tables and benches in a kitchen enhance the area and create an increased spatial perception. Curved lines in furniture create contrast in a room. Rugs, lighting or chairs with curved surfaces, soften an area, and provide a welcoming, visually aesthetic environment.

Rhythm and Rhyme

The easiest way to achieve rhythm within in area, is to repeat a fabric design or colour throughout. The Ralph Lauren Home Elizabeth Street collection beautifully encompasses this concept with its plaid, striped and floral textures, in cool, refreshing blue and white. Variations of eye catching colour, can be used in differing degrees throughout either a room, or the whole house to create movement and flow.

Dark coloured picture frames and wall fittings surrounding a fireplace, enhance and draw the eye to the area. Floors, walls and stairs in ever so slightly different hues, provide a homely, cosy feel.

A room or home can be effortlessly transformed by applying the simplest of touches and ideas. Ralph Lauren houses are an inspiration and a wealth of opposing designs which assimilate wonderfully to produce unique aesthetics.

Using a combination of concepts from Ralph Lauren House decor, a desired look can be achieved, creating a metamorphosis of not just the physicality, but equally the ambience and atmosphere of your living space.


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