The best designer lighting brands adding quirky character and luxury to your home

The moment a room has been exquisitely decorated, the archways adorned with statement antiques and the wallpaper and flooring are both in sync, the perfectionist designer looks towards designer lighting brands, and not necessarily lighting that just provides 600 lumens of brightness but luxury lamps that create an ambience, a mood that allows guests to create great conversation and laughter over memorable wines. It is often the most unusual pieces of lighting which create the most character and add that special quirky luxury to the modern home.

The designer lighting brands that provide quirky luxury lamps as great conversation starters in your home.

Luxury aviary inspired lamps

designer lighting brands

The avian inspired lighting collection by Temple and Ivy seemingly walked right out of a fairy tale. Designers Nicky Boulton and Susan Neville seek inspiration from their travels and the birds they admire on their journeys. Their award-winning sculptor, Neil R Mason, beautifully captured the movement of the bird legs. The Chic Lamp base models flamingo legs, exquisitely hand-sculpted using bronze and copper.


One of the lampshade options is extraordinarily feathered and embellished with sequin, other options include lampshades adorned with Maasai beads which are customisable to suit your color scheme. This designer lighting brand has an approach so unusual, not only in appearance but also in the light is exudes in the evening and the presence it gives in daylight, replicating the majestic qualities of these birds.

The centrepiece of a room – the skeleton lamp

Zia Priven is another premium luxury lighting brand whose lamps have become synonymous with bold design overtures and unique styling. For the aspiring medical student or quirky lighting connoisseur the skeleton lamp is a must-have acquisition. The body of the lamp which is available in white, silver or bronze, as its name suggests, is the headless skeletal body whose bone limbs are fully adaptable into any relaxing position, with the lampshade as its head.

The lamp shade creates a chilling glow across the piece; an obvious recognition of award nominated designer Marcia Zia’s theatrical roots.

The whimsical friendliness of the Firefly

designer lighting brands

A collection of luxury designer lighting brands would not be complete without Lladro’s Lotus Firefly Lamp, a porcelain beauty inspired by foliage and plant life, elliptical leaves enveloping a colourful hand painted lamp stem with a translucent shade crafted to leave a warm light with a welcoming glow, similar to the glow emitted by the firefly.

Perhaps what is more unusual is the combination of cordless lighting technology using rechargeable batteries which gives this lighting addition a flexible place anywhere in the modern home.

These are a few unmissable designer lighting brands that inject personality into your interior decor. The flirtiness of the aviary lamps, the drama of the skeleton lamp and the friendliness of the firefly all inject a talking point into the room they are housed in.

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