The Lladró vase: an exceptional gift

The handmade porcelain Lladró vases tell inspiring stories of history and romance, nature and fantasy making them a distinctive addition to any home. The ability of the sculptors to depict emotions in the eyes of the people on the vases is truly astonishing. The unparalleled level of detail and creativity exhibited on each vase is representative of the superiority within the Lladró workshop.

Each design is part of a limited edition collection to be treasured for generations as part of the  interior design of your home.


Lladró vase: Capturing a moment that lasts an eternity

Depicting ancient civilisations within a vase


lladro vase

The Archers Frieze vase is inspired by ancient Persian and Mesopotamian civilisations and the art displayed in the Palace of Darius in Susa. The undefeated soldiers march together proudly, powerful with their undisputed skills in archery, adorned with jewellery and bold embroidered tunics. Their background is symbolic of the architectural advancements of their time. The Lladró vase depicts amazing technological precision to be able to achieve such splendour.


Receiving this as a gift would be an incredible symbol of ultimate respect.

Romanticism at its best


lladro vase

Displaying The Ladies from Aranjuez, will create a talking point amongst your loved ones for a long time to come. Not only does this Lladró vase have an immense amount of presence standing at 60 cm tall, each of the 5 ladies expresses their individuality with a romantic gaze. The detail of their fashionable skirts, the delicacy of their umbrellas and their feminine posture and elegant placement is achieved with such realism, while the luster of the vast amounts of garden blooms is accomplished with remarkable depth which will win its way to the hearts of every nature lover with an appreciation for art.

Lladró vase: The garden of Eden


lladro vase

The latest addition to the Lladró vase collection is a spectacular pièce de résistance. The Paradise Vase portrays the garden of Eden. The vibrancy of each flowerpetal and leaf, which is  hand-painted and sculpted surrounding Adam and Eve is worthy of display in a museum. Staring at this creation, you can’t help but enter a dream-like state admiring every element.

Fantasy meets timeless elegance


lladro vase

The entire fantasy collection by Jaime Hayon is to be applauded for its imaginative and contemporary approach. Jaime Hayon is an acclaimed Spanish artist and designer. In his collaboration with Lladró, he pushes the boundaries of artisan tradition within the use porcelain making it a noteworthy collection. The Masquerade bud vase is most suited to a lover of contemporary art and modern interior design trends.

This Lladró vase depicts the contrasts of human emotions with a heart over one eye and a teardrop coming from the other allowing for a moment of contemplation each time you glance at it.

It is evident that the Lladró vases are a powerful representation of not only artistic excellence with their mastery of high porcelain but many also prove to be historically valuable and contemporary as we saw in the fantasy collection.


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