The Most Exclusive and Expensive Furniture Brands

From daring design to historically inspired classicism, today the most expensive furniture brands and high end furnishings  all share one quality -a sense of true opulence and exacting design. Pair this with sumptuously tactile materials, like metallics, translucent glass and plastics, curvilinear forms and even understated minimalism, these items are true works of art, designed by the best designers and intended to grace the most regal and forward thinking of living spaces.

expensive furniture brandsBoca do Lobo’s Versailles sofa paired with the Monet table decorated with the Lladró Naturofantastic vase and beautifully brought together with Lladró lighting.


What is trending today? Statement design: velvet with metallics, faceted shapes, dark saturated colours, and undulating lines. Each piece seems like a work of art, designed with a sense of bold vanguard vision. And of course, comfort is always a feature of premium design.

Enjoy this curated gallery of three of the most interesting brands that top the list of the most exclusive and most expensive furniture these days.


The Most Expensive Furniture Brands: The Sculptural Luxuriousness of Edra

expensive furniture brands

The Italian brand Edra is distinguished by a sense of resplendent fabrics and materials, sculptural shapes and a baroque modernity, suitable for both historic interiors and contemporary spaces. The company focuses on artistic forms and the use of technology to enhance comfort, design and appearance as well as durability. Edra remains one of the most exclusive and expensive furniture brands today, coveted by discerning design collectors.


The Most Expensive Furniture Brands: Boca do Lobo

expensive furniture brands

Boca do Lobo’s Mondrian White Cabinet is a splendid celebration of artistic design.

Spanish firm Boca do Lobo is known for its risk taking and extravagantly beautiful designs. Today, we can count the company as one of the most coveted and expensive furniture brands. In fact, Boca do Lobo has quite a following in part because they are always debuting new design series that challenge the boundaries between art and function, consistently leaving an imprint on the collective imagination of the design world. The Mondrian White Cabinet is no exception with its admixture of geometry and classicism with an air of surrealist playfulness.


The Modernist Classicism of Kartell

expensive furniture brands

An inviting outdoor dining area with Kartell’s famous Ghost Chairs.

Founded in 1949, Kartell is another Italian company and is undeniably one of the most important and expensive furniture brands specializing in modernist design. It’s not unusual to find at least one piece by the company in a bespoke home. One of Kartell’s most magical designs is the Louis Ghost Chair. Here paired with a traditional wooden table and simple yet fresh table setting, these iconic modern chairs remain a favourite among interior designers and collectors alike. This exceptional chair is made of polycarbonate using a single mold and is a very contemporary interpretation of the style of Louis XV.

These exceptional creative firms are only a few of the amazing exclusive top furniture brands all of whom exhibit a sense of style, and risk taking design. Welcome to the world of exclusive design where art and function are one, certain to enchant and capture your visual imagination.