Timeless or eclectic: the best interior design magazines and their expertise

For true interior design fanatics there are global design fairs and exhibitions to really stimulate your creativity when refreshing your home decor. However many of us require quick fix resources when decorating our homes.

It could be as simple as adding new accessories or incorporating elements of the colours of the season. But how to source the perfect trend and where to find those items can be time-consuming, a luxury many of us don’t have. To ease the journey we have compiled a list of the best interior design magazines and online resources that offer superior knowledge and expertise in different categories of home decor.

Keeping up to date: best interior design magazines in print and online

  • Best magazine for seasonal and eclectic trends

Elle Decorations is known as the best interior design magazine for style concepts and how-to’s. Their expertise in the print version of this magazine lies in curating luxurious pieces of furniture, lighting and accessories from high end design houses whose pieces are trending on the interior decor scene. Their website however offers extensive mastery across many elements of home decor.


  • Guidance on lighting trends

For key contemporary and timeless lighting trends and a guide on how to incorporate them into your home refer to our ebook Luxurious lighting ideas of your home.

  • Decor inspiration and timeless trends

House Beautiful is considered one of the best interior design magazines as it offers plenty of advice and inspiration on renovation. Their decor ideas also leave much desire for a refresh in your decor, with practical advise of current trends for every room and why to adopt them.

  • Best interior design magazine for homeware design innovation

Dezeen magazine is a leader in curating a collections of homewares centred around design innovation. If your curiosity is tickled by unique geometric designs, furniture embodying the concept of colour blocking, uber contemporary concepts in interior decor, this is the best interior design magazine for you.

  • Luxurious contemporary furniture and homewares

LuxDeco is an online shop and blog for extravagant luxury furniture and homewares teaching you some of the history behind the products and the creators behind powerhouse brands as well as having an incredible eye for new up and coming designers. LuxDeco combines styling tips and trends that immediately and conveniently link you to the purchase pages.

  • Best interior design magazine: architecture and renovation

If you are after architecture and renovation inspiration please read Top design magazines for your dream home build.

  • Plants in decor

Although The Houseplant Journal is a blog and not a magazine, the inspiration and know-how it provides on the impact of indoor plants on your decor is insightful and motivating. Alongside their obvious health and well-being benefits, plants add life and intrigue to your home while having the ability to frame or screen a view. If you are not particularly greenfingered Patch offers extensive information on which plants grow best under which conditions.

Each of these interior design magazines and resources bring something unique and refreshing to the table which, when the elements are combined harmoniously, bring inviting rich layers of intrigue and drama to your home decor.