Top design magazines for your dream home build

Building a dream home is the aspiration of many. It can be quite a daunting experience especially when making the more permanent decisions regarding the architectural design. Here are some of the top design magazines in the world to assist you in this journey for an architectural masterpiece that is technologically advanced, catering to all your home requirements and ecologically responsible.

“The ache for home lives in all of us. The safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned” – Maya Angelou


Refer to these 3 top design magazines for your dream home inspiration

Architecture – Dwell magazine

top design magazines

Dwell magazine has an incredible collection of architectural masterpieces from all over the world for you to seek inspiration from when building your dream home. Be it an innovative renovation or a complete rebuild, Dwell is a top design magazine to assist you in narrowing down the design style of your dreams. Each article goes into great depth about the individual property in question.

For renovations it explains what it was before they started, the architecture firm chosen for the job and the challenges they might have come across, this is great to manage expectations and to highlight potential pitfalls.


Dwell magazine is also the go-to magazine for restoration projects. Respecting the authentic and original elements you wish to salvage while modernising to make this dream home true to your wishes is why Dwell magazine firmly ranks at one of the top design magazines in the world.


Home technology – Grand Designs Magazine

top design magazines

Grand Designs Magazine is arguable the top design magazine in the world for technological advancements in home design. As well as revolutionary architectural designs, this top design magazine also provides insight on many properties with on trend eco-solutions which aid with sustainability without compromising on style, as well as cutting-edge technology for smart home integration.

Make sure you read editor-in-chief Kevin McCloud’s column where he gives great socio-economic insight on our home desires and development as well as the psychological fuel behind it.

Green buildings – Eco Building Pulse

With home sustainability being a hot topic, many of the showcased properties in both Dwell Magazine and Grand Designs Magazine provide solutions for this but Eco Building Pulse is solely dedicated to green, sustainable buildings.

Their editorials range from giving great conceptual ideas to discussing the benefits of sustainable housing and green buildings inspiring a healthier existence in our homes.

It also provides state of the art solutions for comforts we are accustomed to while reducing energy consumption and in turn reducing our individual carbon footprint.

Eco Building Pulse also explores pioneering alternative building materials changing the future of architecture.

Between Dwell, Grand Designs Magazine and Eco Building Pulse, the exterior, technological and ecological elements of your improved home will certainly be addressed. For magazines on interior design please refer to The best design magazines to satisfy your home decor requirements.

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