Traditional Lighting: The Beauty of Classical Opulence

Traditional Lighting: The Classic Design Staple 

Traditional lighting is a classic staple for luxury interiors, and among the many options  chandeliers in particular are a sure way to add a sense of opulence and artistry to both contemporary spaces and traditional historic interiors. Whether it’s a new porcelain chandelier or wall sconce in pale tones, a crystal circular piece, or simple lantern hanging fixtures, spring is the perfect season to consider integrating such fixtures into your interior. including historic residences and new contemporary stylish flats needing a touch of luxury.


Inspired by architecture and decorative art traditions, these lighting approaches add a sense of character, luxury and originality to interiors. Whether they stand out as a contrast to modern spaces, or complement the architectural character of a residence, they have a special way of echoing detailing and beauty.

This collection of pales, crystalline and snowy white pieces mean an injection of luxury as well as distilled aesthetics and true opulence.

Traditional Lighting: Chandeliers

Traditional Lighting

The elegant purity of a lovely white chandelier with its lace like glass and beautiful silhouette is a opulent expression of traditional aesthetics. Intricately designed and crafted porcelain chandeliers are an extraordinary example of this type of traditional lighting. 

Blending Contemporary with Neo Classical 

Traditional Lighting

Bespoke design means curating elements including furniture, art and lighting. Real curation is found in the perfect manner of blending contemporary furnishings, porcelain sculpture and mirrors with opulent traditional chandeliers in a neoclassical style like this Winter Palace 12 Lights Chandelier, Golden Luster.

Using Traditional Lighting for the Understated Bedroom

Traditional Lighting

A refined yet cozy master suite designed by French Bedroom Co. combines the light hues of the softest grays and pales. A simple hanging light fixture allows a simplicity and sense of ambience. The palette, historic sensibility, and combination of modernist silhouettes with antique style showcase the courant trend of interiors in the classic Swedish historic Gustavian style.

Wall Sconces

traditional lighting

Wall sconces can be interesting and not just functional, and they are an easy and ambient way to add new lighting to your space. There is something delectable about this sconce, its gold with porcelain detailing is a work of art, and a treasure for the eyes. Artful conception, simplicity and an attention to detail in sculptural porcelain accented by gold comes together in the Belle de Nuit 2 Lights Wall Sconce in White.

The Spherical Light

Traditional Lighting

A well selected chandelier can transform a hallway or living room into something extraordinary.

A beautiful way to offset the architectural character of this fine residence, its gleaming floors, and beautiful woodwork and staircase. This sort of formal lighting graces both classic and contemporary spaces. Beacon Australia’s luxurious circular Imperial 9 Light Glass Chandelier gives true character to this historic home.

From an impressively wide range of chandeliers, sconces, pendant and hanging lamps among many other types, traditional lighting always lends opulence to any space.

Indeed, this style is a certain way to add character and a sense of rich detail, and there is an enduring quality of formality and ornate decoration to such luxury classical approaches to lighting. 

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