Tree House Lighting: Turn a Play Set into an Architectural Feature

Many have joyful memories of their childhood tree house. Whether lovingly constructed with a grandparent or time spent in your own secret hiding place, a tree house is where precious memories are made. However, sometimes children’s play sets aren’t the most attractive feature of a garden – especially if a set is bought from a hardware store as opposed to built from scratch. However, it is possible to highlight the bucolic charm of a tree house with the right lighting. Below, read more about how to use tree house lighting in order to turn a play set into an interesting and attractive part of your landscape architecture.

Simple Tree House Lighting with Garland Lights

tree house lighting

An easy and simple way to light a tree house is to adorn the exterior with a simple garland of white lights. These small blinking lights will add a magical touch to a tree house when wound around branches and draped across the roof. For more impact, opt for slightly larger bulbs. For example, a garland of clear globe lights with exposed filaments is a beautiful way to add some sparkle to tree house lighting, whilst incorporating an element of the trend for industrial fixtures.

Be Inspired by the East with Lanterns

tree house lighting

In the rainforests of Thailand, it is common to find rustic dwellings raised up in trees. These traditional homes are a thoroughly enchanting aspect of Thai culture, perfectly at peace with nature perched in the tall, ancient trees.


To draw inspiration from these beautiful buildings for a garden tree house, hang rustic paper or woven raffia lanterns from the base of the structure. When glowing at night, these charming lanterns will bring a touch of the magic of the Orient to your garden landscaping.

Highlighting with LED Spotlights

tree house lighting

Another way to turn your tree house into an architectural feature is to take cues from classic nightscapes. Nightscaping is a relatively recent trend in landscape design, where the sensibilities of lighting design for architecture are applied to the garden. For example, uplighting is frequently used as part of a nightscaping concept and is an excellent way to integrate a tree house into landscape design. By affixing simple white LED spotlights under the tree or on the roof, you can create intrigue and contrast with shadow and light.

Incorporate a Splash of Color with Fairy Lights

tree house lighting

A playful approach to tree house lighting is to incorporate color. After all, it is quite usual for a lighting designer to formulate a concept with the building’s use in mind. Therefore, as a tree house is intended for play, a whimsical attitude to the lighting concept seems appropriate. There are number of ways to integrate color into tree house lighting design. The most simple is to choose a garland of small, twinkling LED fairy lights to drape around the roof of the tree house and bowers of the tree. Otherwise, for a bolder look, you may wish to uplight with a color, such as a soft green, warm orange or even pink.

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