Trends in Contemporary Outdoor Lighting

The Latest Ideas in Contemporary Outdoor Lighting

Contemporary Outdoor Lighting

From artistic sculptural lighting pieces to modern renditions of the classic lantern outdoor lighting, contemporary outdoor lighting is a new source for artistic and design innovation. Eastern inspired design is also a leading trend.

Indoor outdoor living is a fun thing to experiment with these days as well, like this wonderful conservatory bedroom featuring a mid century modern black lamp, a canopy bed, and brightly colored modernist furniture all from DelightFULL. There is a certain bold romance to this lovely space.

Artistic Candles as Contemporary Outdoor Lighting 

Contemporary Outdoor Lighting

When it comes to candles, there are the lovely citronella candles to be burned in a lantern and then there are the artistic containers -like the amazing blue porcelain 1001 Lights Series. 


Such candles are such lovely addition to your garden or patio area, verandas, and outdoor pool or fire places, they also can make an ideal gift for a house warming gift.

Contemporary Outdoor Lighting: LED 

Contemporary Outdoor Lighting

A classic outdoor lighting type Vertical LED lights are often placed in garden beds to illuminate pathways, and these ultra modern lights are Envirolux LED 2W bollard in 304 grade stainless steel with acrylic heads, from Beacon Lighting, Australia. These are universally beloved lights.

Contemporary Outdoor Lighting: Moonlight Inspired 

Contemporary Outdoor Lighting

Image courtesy of In-es.artdesign

Looking for something different? Conceived by the Italian designer and artist Oçilunam these amazing globes are truly light sculptures and reflect the artistic trends in contemporary outdoor lighting. A man made object that reflects the beauty of the natural world. Placement in open countryside or smaller intimate gardens creates a unique and visually entrancing source of light.

Floor Lamps for Outside….

Contemporary Outdoor Lighting

Contemporary outdoor lighting is absolutely more than lanterns, sconces and garden bed lighting, floor lamps are also a popular and unexpected trend.

This Balad Tristan Lohner Exterior Floor Lamp from Nedgis is a wonderful example of high design. City living can still mean ambient outdoor lighting on gardens, patios and even high rise porches. Whatever space you have, lighting can bring your leisure space together.

Graphic Lamps

contemporary outdoor lighting

Graphic letters recall the imaginative creativity of Las Vegas lights of the 1960s with an updated sensibility -imagine this pop of color in your outdoor area or garden. It’s like owning your own light sculpture -for your residence, a supreme way to get a unique look for your exterior. Image courtesy of DelightFULL.

Today, new lighting solutions can include luxurious designer pieces that seem to be not only functional but artwork in themselves, sculptural globe recalling the moon, vibrant letters and even ultra modern hanging lamps, reinterpretations of the classic lantern, and of course, the classic LED garden bed stand by.

Whatever you chose, the lighting should clearly and easily illuminate your way at night to and from your door, but also it can function to light up a romantic evening or outdoor dinner or cocktail hour. Artistic and statement lighting are the most coveted and luxurious types out there these days, and the exciting and daring pieces allow a wide range of choices. 

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