Trends in Spanish Outdoor Lighting and Architecture

Top architects and designers are revealing new and renovated villas with updated and artistic interpretations of the old-world model, complete with the ornate elegance of wrought iron, dramatic lighting particularly Spanish outdoor lighting in all sorts of new embodiments. We see also creative Moroccan influences, as well as the typical white stucco walls, exposed timber, and clay tiles.


Spanish Style Homes (with Spanish Outdoor Lighting)

This is a custom modern California Spanish style villa by architect Richard Landry. The antique wood doors are from Ronda, Spain, and lead to a private outdoor courtyard. The hand-painted custom-made ceramic surround was created by a Seville artist, and beautifully accented by Spanish style lighting, a popular architectural motif so often complementing bespoke Mediterranean architecture inspired by Tuscan villas, as well as the grand Spanish colonial traditions. The style is particularly beloved in the Southwestern United States and Mexico.


It should be noted that in this house and many others, a certain gravity is lent to the homes with wrought iron Spanish Style lighting. Spanning simple geometric styles to ornate scrolling decorations, whatever design there is a historic charm and regality to these accents and stylish homes and an enduring appeal. Contemporary architectural visions of this classic style are tremendously popular, none more than the work of Landry whose modern interpretations inspire. 

Landry Design Group’s Spanish Style Architecture in California -Highlighted by Spanish Outdoor Lighting

One of the inspiring homes of this type comes from the American architect whose fantastic designs include the Auerbach Villa, California.

Blue sky seen through a sky lighted inner courtyard, stucco walls, Spanish style outdoor lighting, wrought iron, cascading flowering plants, interior spaces awash in light, as well as cozy sanctuary niches within. Grandeur and warmth all at once, a typical Landry design customized for the client.

In fact, Landry’s project epitomizes the spirit of Andalusian architecture and decorative beauty. Inspired by his clients travel and love of Spain the architect has mixed traditional and artistic wrought iron lighting throughout –the exterior and interior as well as the impressive courtyards.

spanish outdoor lighting

The interior courtyard of the Auerbach Villa is crowned with a custom-made framed skylight. All of the rooms on the second floor open out onto the second floor balcony. Spanish style outdoor lighting is used throughout.

From chandeliers, pendant lights, framed glass, and wall mounted pieces to exterior wall lightings, this spectacularly designed home is the embodiment of Spanish style in the most modern sense. Throughout the extraordinary custom mansion, the Landry Design Group has created small intimate areas, even when they have the grandest of ceilings, vaulted or with exposed timber beams, many lit by this style of lighting.

Spanish outdoor lighting: A View of Spectacular Gardens

spanish outdoor lighting

This is the rear of the home with an elongated quatrefoil pool at twilight as well as lovely Spanish style lighting. The architect also designed a covered loggia  lit by Moroccan lanterns, featuring a fireplace framed by an antique ceramic tile surround imported from Spain, and topped by a 17th century wrought iron mantle piece.

Indoor and Outdoor Continuity

In Landry’s villa interior spaces are both private and welcoming, streaming natural daylight enters through gorgeous glass doors, wrought iron lighting allows an old-world style to emerge, all the while thoroughly contemporary.

spanish outdoor lighting

The entry courtyard features a wrought-iron doorway, custom designed by Landry Design Group. The wood balcony was stained to match the antique South American columns. More traditional wrought iron Spanish style lighting is used in this exterior living space.

A testament to the creative spirit of Spanish decorative arts, architecture, and the vision of design that spans centuries and cultures, this Richard Landry house is a contemporary embodiment of the enduring and dramatically tasteful Spanish style.


Images courtesy of the Landry Design Group and Erhard Pfeiffer, Photographer.

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