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luxury mirrors

Luxury Mirrors: The Perfect Finishing Touch for Bathrooms

The bathroom is the sanctuary of the home; a place for relaxation, tranquility, and calm. Therefore, only the finest accents and accessories will do. From fluffy white towels to fragrant candles, it’s the finishes touches that make your bathroom a truly luxurious retreat. When considering the interior design for your bathroom, pay careful attention to the […]

jillian harris house

Creating a Jillian Harris House: Tips for Under-Loved Rooms

Canadian interior designer Jillian Harris began her television career via the unlikely forum of the dating reality shows The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. However, since making a name for herself as a television personality, Jillian Harris has made a significant mark on her true passion – interior design. Appearing on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and hosting the […]

wall street apartments

Wall Street Apartments: New Luxury Destination

New York City’s Financial District is synonymous with wealth and glamour. The high energy, fast-paced trading halls of the stock exchange is the beating heart of the American economy, where aspiring entrepreneurs make their fortunes. However, despite the fact that these few blocks in Manhatten’s southern point are where most big investments are made, the FiDi […]

best interior design magazines

Timeless or eclectic: the best interior design magazines and their expertise

For true interior design fanatics there are global design fairs and exhibitions to really stimulate your creativity when refreshing your home decor. However many of us require quick fix resources when decorating our homes. It could be as simple as adding new accessories or incorporating elements of the colours of the season. But how to […]

lladro values

Lladró Values: The Delicate Beauty of Nature

The three founders of the Lladró design house, brothers Juan, José and Vincente Lladró said: “We want our works to have elegance, to be expressive, to exude life, to have feelings. We want them to reflect the good side of life, the positive values of a human being, all that which dignifies life.” This desire to […]

low country house style

Southern Charm: Low Country House Style

Low Country homes – also known as Tidewater houses – were originally modest single room cottages occupied by English settlers in the coastal parts of the Carolinas and Virginia. From these humble beginnings the Low Country house style spread down the southern coast of the United States through Georgia, Mississippi and into Alabama. Often raised up […]

modern classics interiors

Modern Classics Interiors: Contemporary Takes on Antique Furnishings

The dawn of the postmodern era ushered in a new epoch in design. Once a rigid, inflexible practice, suddenly, the rule book was torn up and thrown out of the window. After decades of modernist precision, designers could now draw inspiration from any era, creating eclectic, modern classics interiors filled with intrigue and elegance. Therefore, to […]

shingle style architects

Famous 19th century pioneering Shingle style architects

Set in the middle of impressive gardens or overlooking the dunes that led to sea. New England was revived by shingle style architects creating an iconic revival of colonial style architecture that would be admired for centuries.  Below are the most influential architects of that era Shingle style architects that perfected the New England style […]

rock garden

4 Rock Garden Themes and Their Characteristics

A rock garden is a landscaped garden seeking to recreate a mountainous region, characterised by an arrangement of rocks, stones and boulders with low growing plants, shrubs and flowers delicately planted in between the stones. As well as being a garden that requires very little maintenance, they are elegant and impactful, making them increasingly popular. […]

private jet interior

Luxury Lifestyle – Choosing Your Custom Jet Interior

Luxury Lifestyle – Choosing a Private Jet Interior Choosing your private jet interior for family or business should include having various living spaces – the choice will depend on your typical needs and how far you may travel. The length and size of your jet as well as seating will also determine final decisions. Highlights […]

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