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top design magazines

Top design magazines for your dream home build

Building a dream home is the aspiration of many. It can be quite a daunting experience especially when making the more permanent decisions regarding the architectural design. Here are some of the top design magazines in the world to assist you in this journey for an architectural masterpiece that is technologically advanced, catering to all […]

greek revival house

Greek Revival Houses: A Historic Beauty

A story of refined grander –Greek revival house architecture is an international style, its most popular form today is embodied in beautiful American historic homes and even new interpretations of the style. The architectural wonder of this style seems to never lose its appeal, an enduring classic, sought by home lovers and architecture aficionados worldwide. […]

luxury electronics

Luxury electronics to complete your home

There are some high end home electronics that have the ability and technology to take the worry out of the mundane so you can focus on enjoying your life. These latest luxury electronics that just take this experience to the next level and are a true investment in the luxury experience of your home.   […]

best design magazines

The best design magazines to satisfy your home decor requirements

Decorating your home and transforming it into a luxurious sanctuary is a beautiful journey to take on as a family. Exploring how to make it a dream home to suit everyone’s needs individually in their private rooms, whilst simultaneously inspiring a desire for quality time together in the living areas, is the aspiration of every […]

yacht Trends

Bold Luxury Yacht Trends: The Sophisticate

Daring modernist decor is the latest yacht trend. Go bold in your custom dining room with a dark and dramatic colours. Focal pieces such as this ornate Naturofantastic gold and white vase can make your space outstanding. Add extravagant ceiling lamps paired with daring hues and with the beautiful light of the sea sky your […]

ralph lauren houses

Ralph Lauren Houses: The Art of Decor

For the past five decades, Ralph Lauren has become synonymous with chic, style, elegance and selling not only products, but a complete lifestyle. His innovative fashion ideas and pioneering collections have ensured that the brand has reached epic heights, many have tried to emulate, but relatively few have attained. Since the debut of the Ralph […]